Sell Faster and at a Higher Price, in this market?

Sell Faster and at a Higher Price, in this market?

Can a home sell in a shorter amount of time AND for a higher price? Find out what the best marketing tools are that top agents are using to sell homes faster and for higher prices every day.

Marketing your listings is ….. crucial. Every day, buyers are looking on the internet for homes. You need to put the best foot forward on your listings to get them sold faster and for a higher price. What constitutes putting your “best foot forward”?   Top Quality photography, along with staging, and pricing it right.

…90% of home buyers used the Internet to search for a home… National Association of Realtors, Nov 2010

Although today’s digital camera market allows almost everyone to purchase a digital camera, photography is a technical art. Even with the technical advantage we have with today’s DSLR cameras, there is more to it than clicking the shutter. The modern camera can do wonders, but it still can’t balance the outdoor light and indoor light easily. It still can’t compose a photograph. There is much more to taking quality photos than snapping the shutter. But together with the appropriate staging and quality photography, houses are actually selling faster, and for a higher price.

Studies have shown that having high quality photos yields a shorter average Days On Market, as well as a Higher Selling Price. Here are a few recent articles on the subject of quality photography = faster sale = higher price:
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The bottom line is this: High quality photography helps sell homes faster and for a higher price! Can you afford not to use high quality photography?

My Personal Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality of the photos, please be assured that we will cancel the license to use the photos and you won’t have to pay.

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