Choosing a Real Estate Photographer

Choosing a Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photography is a unique niche. It’s very different than portrait photography, product photography, or even architectural photography.

Portrait photography and product photography usually focuses on a single element such as a person, a group of people, a product or the like.

Architectural photography, although similar in terms of subject to real estate photography, has a very different goal. The goal of architectural photography is to take a small set of high quality photos, usually for publication.

Real Estate Photography, on the other hand, is different in that we focus on getting the buyer to want to come and see the house in person. This usually results in a larger number of photos. I use certain angles to give a good representation of the rooms, while showing flow, positioning the camera in just the right spot.  This is the key element. Showing each room with the best angle, so that it can be represented properly.

Also, wide angle lenses, although helpful, have their limitations. There is a point of too wide, and knowing where that is and how to use it appropriately, is a huge key. I know what is appropriate since I photograph many homes.

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