Why Quality Photography Matters

Why Quality Photography Matters

A lot of agents own digital cameras, and many with wide angle lenses. But when buyers are passing over houses due to what they see on the internet, you NEED quality photography.

I have spent years learning how to capture a home in the best light. Getting the outdoor exposure to be correct with the indoor exposure can be tricky. Getting even lighting from foreground to background can be tricky. Each of these obstacles can be overcome with the right equipment and the right technique. In fact, technique matters more than equipment.

But, as an agent, time and time again, my buyers are telling me that they pass up homes if they have bad photos, or if they only have 1 or 2 photos. Marketing a home is not a place to chimp on photography. I have been told by many buyers that if the online photos aren’t good, they don’t want to see the house. There is plenty of inventory to skip that one with poor photos. And there are plenty of homes with bad photos!

…while we were looking at houses, if they didn’t have good pics we didn’t look at them.  This one particular house that we saw had the right features, but the photos were not good. We almost didn’t look at the house, but at the last minute decided to look at it.  The house was gorgeous but the photos online didn’t do it justice. The best features were not shown.  We ended up purchasing this home by luck.

Buyers can afford to be picky and skip houses with poor photos. You don’t want your home to be skipped, do you?

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