Agent loved my photos…

Agent loved my photos…

I had an incident last summer that was interesting. I am an agent and a photographer. I shot a home as my own listing a few years ago and used those high-quality photos on the MLS system as well as on my other marketing material. We sold the home, in a somewhat slow market, in a matter of a few weeks for almost full asking price.

Funny thing, two years later, that home showed up on the market. The person that purchased the home when I had it listed was an agent himself and had purchased it for his daughter. Times changed, and he decided to sell the home. I looked at the photos on the MLS system to see what it looked like now. It was eerily similar. Maybe the buyer purchased the same couch as the prior seller had? Maybe the buyer had the same barstools? Maybe the buyer had the same office equipment? Maybe the buyer had the same CAT as the seller had?

OR Maybe the agent used the same photos? BINGO!

The buyer did not have the same furniture as the seller had, but did have the same photos! This agent copied my photos to try to sell his house! When I called him up, he said that he thought these photos showed the house off better than the photos he took. Of course they did!

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