Buyer almost missed their perfect home!!

Buyer almost missed their perfect home!!

This is a story of a buyer that ALMOST missed out on their perfect home.
This particular buyer had been looking at a number of homes already. When one particular home came up as matching their criteria, we emailled it to them and suggested that we take a look. The buyer, after looking at the photos online, decided not to look at the home, even though it met their criteria. The main reason? The photos were uninspiring.

So we looked at other homes, and after a few more, we suggested that we go back and take a look at the one they passed up. Reluctantly, the buyers went to see the home. When they got there, they said “is this the same home as in the pictures?” Once they got inside, they were blown away by the house itself. We wrote the purchase agreement that day!!

What went wrong? The photos of this particular house did not do it justice. There were key elements of the home that weren’t even photographed. The angles and lighting were terrible. I can see why the buyer decided not to look at this home. Had the agent hired a professional to take the photos, they would have sold the home faster, maybe even in multiple offers.

The moral of the story is this: Don’t let the perfect buyer slip away because of the photo quality.

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